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The new book from the photographer and neuroscientist Hennric Jokeit.

In the manner of his well-received debut book, Negative Vision (2016), GOODHOPE irritates by viewing negative images. Hennric Jokeit employs his neuroscientific expertise to disrupt the visual routine and intensify the viewer’s perception. This neuro-cognitive process drives active looking and contributes towards the unusual experience of deciphering of his photographs.

In 2009 Hennric Jokeit travelled from Zurich to Cape Town for the first time. Over the next six years, he frequently returned, documenting the port city and tourist destination in his distinctive photonegative style. GOODHOPE, his new book from Peperoni Books, gathers this imagery into a striking narrative of life in South Africa’s oldest city. The book explores Cape Town’s natural magnificence, post-industrial character, and widespread urban poverty.

GOODHOPE includes an essay by South African art critic Sean O’Toole. He tracks Cape Town’s transformation from agrarian outpost of empire into an industrial hub founded on ruthless capitalist ethos. The essay also discusses Jokeit’s diagnostic gaze and its relationship to a tradition of medical photography in the arts.

GOODHOPE extends the range and subject matter of Jokeit’s photographic practice. The book includes close-up portraits of men and women in Cape Town, bereft of shelter and such basic utilities as water. In the context of GOODHOPE the portraits serve to underscore the book’s critique of this neo-liberal city.These portraits were created using a - non-sensitive to melanin - infra-red camera and are printed with silver-duotone on blackened paper.

Photo from the book Goodhope by Hennric Jokeit.

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GOODHOPE by Hennric Jokeit

Featuring an essay by Sean O’Toole

Format: 116 pages, 235 x 275 mm, clothbound hardcover, embossed title

59 tri-tone black/white images, and 9 duo-tone silver on blackened paper

Text: English

Book design: Hennric Jokeit, Hannes Wanderer

Peperoni Books, Berlin.

ISBN-13: 978-3-941249-23-3

€ 45.00

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Hennric Jokeit


(CH/D, born Stralsund, Germany, 1963)

Hennric Jokeit lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.


He studied psychology at the Humboldt University, Berlin. Since 2001 he has been a professor of neuropsychology at the Swiss Epilepsy Centre and University of Zurich.


He has published two books, Negative Vision (2016) and GOODHOPE (2018), both with Peperoni Books. His work has been exhibited in Switzerland, Germany, Lithuania, and South Africa.

Gallery representation:

South Africa, Erdmann Contemporary, Capetown. Switzerland: Bildhalle, Zurich.

Books by Hennric Jokeit: GOODHOPE, Negative Vision, Time Squares, Zwei Zehntel Wolkendecke in niedriger Höhe


  • 2017    Cape Town Art Fair, Erdmann Contemporary: MIGRATIONS

  • 2016    Erdmann Contemporary Gallery. Group exhibition

  • Cape Town Art Fair, Erdmann Contemporary: NEGATIVE VISION

  • Litauisches Parlament, Vilnius. Solo Exhibition: NEGATIVE VISION

  • Prospekto Gallery. Solo exhibition: NEGATIVE VISION

  • 2015    Kunst 15, Messe, Zürich, Bildhalle. Group exhibition.

  • Bildhalle. Jubiläumsausstellung. Group exhibition.

  • 2014    Kino Riff Raff, Zürich. Solo Exhibition: Slide-Show ABOUT NEGATIVES

  • Photobastei, Zürich. Group exhibition. ABOUT NEGATIVES

  • 2007    Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart. Group Exhibition. TIME SQUARES

  • The Selection vfg, EWZ Selnau, Zurich. Group Exhibition. TIME SQUARES

  • 2006    Le Festival Voies Off des Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles. Group Exhibition.


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All images (c) Hennric Jokeit/Peperoni Verlag.

Contact for media enquiries and images:

Caroline Webb

webbnetz (at)

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