Hennric Jokeit has produced photographs reflecting a unique vision of Cape Town. The photographic aesthetic has a transforming effect, creating a situation where the images linger in the mind.  The viewpoint straddles numerous dimensions of reality.
Roger Ballen, Photographer
Like an x-ray, Hennric Jokeit's photographs expose both the concealed and the darkness of things - while  providing an esthetic enjoyment. 
Peter Truschner
Photographer and Chief Editor of Fotolot, Perlentaucher, on the new book GOODHOPE.

We deceive ourselves by thinking with all the new technologies, which we are still excited about all of them, we can have a better and much completer view of the world. But we still need wanderers, storytellers, troubadours, writers, painters and photographers to capture a moment for others to share the experience they have experienced. Hennric has captured a fragment of time and space in his magic box to tell us his stories, to share what he has seen through that little pinhole..

Yashar Samimi Mofakham

Artist-Curator, Writer and co-founder of Bread & Salt Projects, Teheran, Iran

The Poet from my homeland, Rumi has a poem called “The elephant in the dark room”, which almost everyone knows that; for me Hennric’s Camera (obscura) is that dark room and what get from his photos is just one aspect of the elephant. Need to go over and over again through these pages to understand the truth. That is what a true work of art should be.
Tarlan Rafiee
Artist-Curator and co-founder of Bread & Salt Projects, Teheran, Iran

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